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About Us

The Family

Reed and Melissa founded Ace Air Heating & Cooling, a family owned and operated company serving Johnson County and the surrounding communities. Ace Air's top priority is to ensure 100% satisfaction for every customer by providing courteous, efficient and professional service at an affordable and competitive rate. We continue to strive to maintain our reputation in the community for being a quality and dependable business you can trust your home with. Ace Air has earned and maintained hundreds of repeat customers by our work and word of mouth referrals. The best compliment our customers can give us is a referral!

Reed's strong work ethic and his industry knowledge allowed him the opportunity to grow the business. In early 2021, Ace Air Heating and Cooling merged with Dave Maxwell's Heating and Cooling. The two teams brought their own strengths to the table and are stronger together and eager to continue to build the company. We're committed to delivering our customers an unmatched service experience.

Reed and Dave's rapport with their customers has proven to build great relationships that will last a lifetime while providing some of the best service this industry has to offer. Our philosophy, we provide comfort, value, dependability and reliability through quality service and installation. At Ace Air we provide the service you expect, and give you the quality you deserve, so your system will provide you the best comfort it can throughout its entire life.

Reed and Melissa work diligently to build a strong company with good moral values. Something they can pass down to their son someday. They believe in comfort, quality and affordability. Maintaining a great customer service relationship with clients and vendors is one of their many strengths. They are passionate about their work and their customers.

Our goal is to be recognized as an industry leader with a reputation for having our customers come first, a company you will be happy to refer your family and friends to.

We stand behind our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!


Meet Our Team!


Reed Reed

Reed has his Masters Mechanical as well as Environmental Protection Agency's Refrigerant Management license and many hours of continuing education. Reed has 20 years of experience in the HVAC industry and ever-growing knowledge of all brands and products. In fact, he worked for Comfort Designs right out of trade school, and owes a lot to them for the opportunity to start his HVAC career right in Spring Hill Kansas where he was born and raised. Later in his HVAC career Reed started working for Dave Maxwell's Heating and Cooling and learned a tremendous amount from his time with Dave. Reed continued on in his career at Sure Comfort Supply, a local HVAC supply house in Olathe where he was branch manager. From there he was relocated to AMSCO Supply, where he worked his way to become their Distribution Service Coordinator (DSC) for the Midwest area.

After years of working for 'the man', Reed's desire to own his own company finally became a possibility, and Ace Air LLC was born.


Josh Josh

Josh has over 18 years of experience in the HVAC industry. Josh joined our team in early 2023. In the field, Josh has a real knack for explaining things in a comfortable way that anyone can understand. Ace Air is happy to have him!

When he is not working, he enjoys spending time with his family, watching a movie with his cats, and cooking.


Melissa Melissa

Melissa has a Bachelor's of Science Business Degree from Baker University.

She has handled bookkeeping, general office and warehouse management as well as complex phone systems in her career.

When she's not working, she manages the 'farm life' at home, caring for their son, Jackson, and all the animals.


Thank you for choosing Ace Air Heating and Cooling and allowing us to earn your business!


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